Chateau Cardarelli

The family Cardarelli.

This vineyard is big 280 ha and is between Castillon la Bataille and Sainte-Foy-la-Grande.

The Cardarelli family took over the vineyard in the thirties to produce their first white wine.Exact 18 years later their first white wine was presented in 1953.

In 1961, the vineyards and cellars were restored and in 1980 their first wine was offered for sale.

Since that time there have been working three generations of Cardarelli.

In 1990 the three brothers took over the reign.Their choice was or just working or to unite and be and work together.

So that last was done and see the result, together with Martine and Valerie ( sisters in law ) they are producing a high quality wine.

Its one big happy family making excellent quality red, white, rosé, sweet wines.

The modern techniques to be used to quarantee quality.

Visitors are always welcome but by appointment.

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