Chateau Lamothe

Château Lamothe from Langoiran.

The history of Château lamothe goes back to the 16 th century. It is known that a large part of the village of Haux is built on the rocks of Lamothe and all dug out out of the basement.

Therefore the magnificient large beautiful cellars of the Château.

It was restored in the 19th century.

A place with  lots of pace and charme to spend.Situaded delicious on height fronting the town Haux. The castle was purchased by the famely Perriquet in 1956.

Daughter Anne married Fabrice Neel, a man with real passion for the wine which resulted in a stunning red and white Bordeaux.

The Neel family hag two children, Marie and Jérome of which Maria is currently withe her husband Damien Chombard the leading figures. Mother Anne not to forget whoms still bears her part on the castle.

The domain is currently 80 hectares big including the 9 hectares of vineyards under Château Manos which was acquired in 1991 from Pierre Niotout; old mâitre du chais from Château Coutet- Barsac.

The Chombart family stirs well on the international market with exports to all major countries like America and China, means that their wines are appreciated everywhere.

The Chombart family makes excellent red,white,rosé and a sublime sweet Cadillac wine.

Visiting the castle is always possible but of course by appointment.

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