Domaine Vigouroux

Domaine Vigouroux from Massugas.

The family Verhaeghe are for nearly 200 years the owners of the domaine Vigouroux.

Father Henri with his wife Chantal and now with their sons Matthieu and Romain are making beautiful Bordeaux wines. Father Henri had one goal, producing a distinctive Bordeaux wine with a lot of caracter.

From 2010 they obtained the predicate Organic wines.

The young family members bought some time ago a small part of vineyards in the region of st Emilion withe a appelation st Emilion grand cru.

Domaine de Vigouroux makes excellent quality Bordeaux wines to keep a very long time in your cellar.

The education is done in thermo regulated vats so that the maximum in tannins and flavors are retained.

Today father Henri took the reins over to his both sons , Matthieu and his wife Karine who household Chateau Haut-Rigaleau and the st Emilion grand cru and Romain and his wife who household Chateau haut-Livia.

All together an 15 ha of wine vineyards.

Watch here their red, superieur and grand cru wines.

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