The family Bersan in Saint-Bris le Vilneux.

The family are owners of 20 HA of vineyards soils.

All this in the region of Saint-Bris le Vilneux, vineyards founded by the romans in the 11th century.

They are owners of 13 HA of whit-e wines and 7 HA of red wines.

The Bersan family produced pretty affordable wines on the border of Burgundy and Chablis.

Investing in the most modern wine technology gives absolute results.

The beautiful stainless steel storage tanks and their filtration systems provide the best fine wines.

Their wines are aged on their estate in their perfect cool cellars.

Jean-François has acquired the skepter in 1980 from his father Louis.

More than six centuries family wine tradition. En then in 2008 his son Pierre-Louis the youngest Bersan scion cames along to ajoin.

For the tourists a wunderful place to visit.

Look at their red, white, rosé, methode champenoise, Chablis and their alcohol.

Have their own website to give it a sniff around.