Chuslan Laudun

Cave de vignerons de Laudun Chusclan in the region of the Rhône.

The vineyards of this cave cooperative are 3000 Ha big and thus the largest and main vineyards on the right side of the Rhône.

A large group of 250 growers make this a wunderful quality Rhône.

The diversity of the land and the beautiful grapes getting a really beautiful wine.

From 2008 the two cooperatives are working together; Chusclan started in 1939 and Laudun since 1925.

Thes cooperatives are operating differently than the other cooperatives, the winemakers maintain their quality wines and so their motivation, there is a great solidarity among the farmers. 6 onologen ensure a perfect and constant quality of the Rhône wines.

Always looking for improvements in their methods of producing the wines.

You are always welcome at our cooperative of Chusclan or Laudun but please by appointment.

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Their website to give it a sniff around,