Domaine Louis Sipp

Domaine Louis Sipp Alsace wines in Ribeauville.


The history beginns during the First World War were Louise,wife of Louis Sipp, purchased the first Ha vineyards. Louis at that time was fighting on the Russian front.

The then bought big wine barrels can still be seen on the Domaine Sipp.

In the rest of the yaers, more acres were purchased and the cultivation of the wine improved.The domaine, large 40 HA, has a beautiful plantings on a rare healthy and fertile soil.

From 1996, there was Etienne, the son of Pierre and Simone, the fourth generation enjoyedworking on the Domaine.

Like a breath of fresh air truth the company and the necessary changes were made such as improving harvesting methods and the purchas of modern harvesters, everything for the good of their magnificent wine.

At this moment there are 20 people working on the estate.

To visit the estate is only possible by appointment.

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