La Barriere and their wines

La Barriere and their wines

La Barriere is a small domaine in the middle of the beautiful vallée of the Dordogne

L'Histoire de la Barrière

 The story of a Dutch couple in France.

 La Barriere is situated in the beautiful valley of the Dordogne, surrounded by centuries-old castles and tranquility.

We, Hannie and Pierre van Wissem, purchased in 2001, La Barriere to bring here. Our long-cherished dream come true  Our goal was to build cottages, for rent,  and to offer to our guests winetastings

. La Barriere consisted of a charming house, big garden and original bread oven from 1788

 Anno 2014, La Barriere consists of a fully built in Perigord style house, which in is located five cottages, a swimming pool and there is a weekly pizza baked in the bread oven.

 Pierre has for years had a company in the Netherlands, where he sold  French wines.  Wines that he personally bought in at several French Chateau.  After moving to France there was time to further study the French wines and wine culture and retrieve the contacts with the owners of the chateaux

 Has resulted in a beautiful, wide range of quality French wines, which are purchased. Directly from the chateaux   In addition to selling wines, La Barrière offers other regional products like walnuts, cepes, prunes and foie gras.

You can buy our wines, by appointment, taste and buy locally.  Of course it is also possible to place your order over the internet or by telephone or advice.

 The price of our wines start for individuals in an amount of € 3.50 per bottle for a fine wine.  With our business customers individual pricing agreements.

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 We hope to welcome you during your break in La Barrière or via our website.You are looking for wines which we don’t have on our list, for us no problem!!

 We are happy to work with you if you have any questions or want advice about wines, please contact us ......


Chateau Lamothe   Domaine Bersan
 lamothe bersan 
Domaine Cardarelli  Domaine Castellat 
 cardarelli  Castellat  
 Domaine Chanssaud Domaine Chaveau 
chanssaud   chauveau  
 Domaine Loberger Domaine Sipp 
loberger   sipp  
 Laudun- Chusclan Vignobles Verhaeghe
chusclan   Verhaeghe  
 Domaine Tremblay Domaine Henri- Natter 
Tremblay   Natter 
 Domaine Vieux Clos saint Emilion